Artists and their Artworks as a Model for Improving the Quality of Teaching in Art Education

Mohammed Al-Amri*, Bassam Al-Radaideh, Fakhriya Al-Yahyai, Badar Almamari, Salman Alhajri

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There is increasing evidence in the literature of Art Education supports the value of using artists and/or their artworks as an approach to quality education in and through art. However, little formal researches in the Arab world especial in the Middle East, have been done to show this instructional method in systematic terms, especially approaching artists and their artworks both inside and outside of schools. The researchers use theory-based research methodology to present, discuss, and analyze this teaching methodology. The result of this research shows that there are great relationships between artists and or their artworks in the one hand and childrens' development on the other hand. This relationship is based in terms of developing children's' motivation in learning about the arts, developing childrens' knowledge through multicultural arts, developing childrens' attitudes to the arts, and developing art language as well as developing an aesthetic sensitivity for the arts. This research also shows different levels of approaching the artists and their artworks such as the use of photos of the artworks, original works in museums, galleries or art exhibitions, work with artists inside or outside schools, reaching works of artists thorough the World Wide Web.
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دوريةBritish Journal of Arts and Social Sciences
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حالة النشرPublished - فبراير 1 2016

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