Application of Micronutrients in Rice-Wheat Cropping System of South Asia

Faisal Nadeem, Muhammad Farooq*

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Rice-wheat cropping system (RWCS) is one of the most important cropping systems in South Asia. However, sustainability of this system is under threat owing to several factors, of which deficiency of micronutrients particularly zinc (Zn), boron (B) and manganese (Mn) is one of the major problems. Continuous rotation of rice and wheat, imbalanced fertilizer use and little/no use of micronutrient-enriched fertilizers induce deficiencies of Zn, B and Mn in the RWCS of South Asia. Here we review that (i) imbalanced fertilizer use and organic matter depletion deteriorate soil structure resulting in low efficiency of applied macro- and micro-nutrients in RWCS. (ii) The micronutrients (Zn, B and Mn) are essentially involved in metabolism of rice and wheat plants, including chlorophyll synthesis, photosynthesis, enzyme activation and membrane integrity. (iii) Availability and uptake of Zn, B and Mn from rhizosphere depend on the physico-chemical soil properties (which differ under aerobic and anaerobic conditions) including soil pH, soil organic matter, soil moisture and interaction of these micronutrients with other nutrients. (iv) Plant ability to uptake and utilize the nutrients is affected by several plant factors such as root architecture, root hairs, transport kinetics parameter and root exudates. (v) Crop management and application of these microelements can help correct the micronutrients deficiency and enhance their grain concentration.

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