Anthropometric Attributes and Dietary Practices of School aged Adolescents in Different Governorates of Oman

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Background: Adolescence begins with the onset of physiologically normal puberty and this period of development corresponds to the adolescents nutritional status. As stated by the World health Organization, anthropometric assessment represents a crucial indicator of a population health.
Objective: This study aimed to assess the obesity prevalence and habitual dietary habits of school aged adolescents in different governorates of Oman. Subjects &
Methods: This cross-sectional survey consisted of a convenient sample of 4252 subjects recruited from the eleventh governorates in Oman, their age ranged between 15-17 years. Written informed consent was obtained, and a diet, anthropometric, and a medical history questionnaire was administered to all enrolled study subjects.
Results: The study showed that almost half of the population had a normal body mass index (BMI). Obesity, overweight and underweight represented (15%,11%, 23% respectively). Female had higher percentage of overweight and obesity, while male had higher percentage of underweight. Only 50% of the population had breakfast more than three times a week. Fifty and forty percent of adolescents were having fruits and vegetables servings less than 4 times a week, respectively. Surprisingly, 20% reported junk food consumption 4-7 times a week. There was a significant correlation between BMI and the geographic distribution of the population; Al Dakhilia governorate showed the highest percent for underweight (27.9%), overweight and obesity was highly noticed in Dofar governorate (25.6%, 20.6% respectively).
Conclusion: Adolescence is a second sensitive developmental period in which puberty and brain maturation lead to a new set of behaviors and capacities. Early intervention program has an important role in changing nutritional behavior of adolescents to assure raising healthier generation.
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