Another chance at life: Jordanian patients' experience of going through a myocardial infarction

Ali Ahmad Ammouri, Joy Kabasindi Kamanyire, Ahmad H. Abu Raddaha, Susan Achora, Arwa Atef Obeidat

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Background and Purpose: Myocardial infarction (MI) is a life-threatening health condition that has physical, spiritual, emotional, and social changes. Understanding feelings and thoughts of patients who suffered MI attacks is essential to recovery. Among Jordanian patients who suffered an acute attack of MI, the aim of the study was to describe the experiences and the varied meanings that they assign to their experiences. Methods: A qualitative hermeneutic phenomenological research design was used. Five participants were engaged in in-depth semistructured interviews. The participants were identified using a purposeful sampling technique, after being admitted at a coronary care unit in a university hospital located in Amman, the capital city of Jordan. The hospital provides a full range of cardiovascular medical and surgical care for patients admitted from different socioeconomic levels. Transcribed data were analyzed following inductive qualitative content analysis method. Results: The experience of MI was a traumatizing event characterized by life-threatening symptoms, and participants feared they would not come back home. However, cultural values and religiosity among the Jordanian patients played a major role in facilitating their positive coping during and after the MI attack. The participants' recount of their experience was summed-up into 5 major themes: frightening experience, needed support, religiosity, experiencing changes, and lifestyle modifications. After the MI attack, most of the participants felt that they had given another chance to live, showing a pressing need to make healthier lifestyle modifications to avoid another MI attack. Implications for Practice: Health care workers should need not only pay attention on physical and physiological caring aspects but should also consider other patients' needs, while supporting the patients and their family members.

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