Ancient schwannoma of the oesophagus presenting with stridor: Case report

M. George*, A. M. Augustine, J. Mathew, V. T. Cherian, V. K. Cherian

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Objective: We report a rare presentation of ancient schwannoma of the oesophagus, management of which required tracheal resection.Case report: A 40-year-old woman was referred to our hospital with a six-year history of progressively worsening stridor. She had undergone laser excision of a tracheal tumour thrice in the past. Fibre-optic bronchoscopy showed a tumour arising from the posterior wall of the trachea. Computed tomography scanning showed evidence of extension along the retrotracheal plane. The patient required tracheal resection and anastomosis due to significant involvement of the posterior tracheal wall. The mass was seen to be arising from the oesophagus, and was able to be enucleated from the oesophageal wall. Histopathology was typical of an ancient schwannoma.Conclusion: This case emphasises the need to consider oesophageal schwannomas in the differential diagnosis of posterior tracheal tumours; it also highlights the need for careful pre-operative assessment in the management of these tumours in order to avoid complications.

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