An empirical study on cloud computing requirements for better mobile learning services

Mohamed Sarrab*, Nasser Alalwan, Osama Alfarraj, Ahmed Alzahrani

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Information technology and its applications change not only the way students learn but also how they are taught. M-learning provides many advantages to our education system. Cloud computing is the new technology that has started to be widely adopted for use with several applications by many education providers. A number of issues that have delayed the complete adoption of M-learning applications through cloud computing services still need to be solved. This paper defines an appropriate set of requirements, i.e. availability, quick response, flexibility and ease of use, long-term storage, elasticity and scalability, integrity, privacy and confidentiality and the control of information flow. The dimensions of these requirements are tailored to criteria developed from the literature study, standards for software quality and their guidelines. The paper then highlights the level of importance of each defined requirement for higher educational institutions, training centres, research laboratories, infant and junior schools.

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دوريةInternational Journal of Mobile Learning and Organisation
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