An analysis of the telecommunication industry in the sultanate of oman using michael porter’s competitive strategy model

James Rajasekar*, Mueid Al Raee

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Purpose – Michael Porter’s Five Forces Model provides an ideal mechanism and framework to study the Oman telecommunications industry’s competitive structure. The purpose of this paper is to use this model to identify the competitive forces that affect it the most. Design/methodology/approach – This paper is based on empirical research. The data were collected primarily from secondary sources such as published interviews of chief executive officers of the telecommunication companies in Oman, government reports, and Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of Oman (TRA). The authors then used Michael Porter’s five forces model to investigate the competitiveness of the telecommunication industry in Oman. Findings – The analysis shows that the strongest competitive forces in the industry are rivalry among competitors and threat of substitutes. While the threat of entry and power of buyers also having a significant impact, the power of suppliers is of very limited impact. Hence, the five forces model impacts uniformly on all the players in Oman’s telecommunication market and have important strategy implications for them all. The results of this analysis are then used as a critical tool to formulate effective strategies for industry players in the face of the changing dynamics of telecommunication services industry in Oman. Originality/value – This study is one of the fewpapers that attempted to study the telecommunication industry in Oman in depth. However, this is the first research study that investigated the competitive landscape of this industry using an established framework such as Michael Porter’s five forces model. As such, the study brought to light new insights and paradigms in competing in the telecommunication industry in Oman. This study also suggests new strategic directives to the incumbents, new entrants, buyers and suppliers.

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