An Active Learning Computer-Based Teaching Tool for Enhancing Students' Learning and Visualization Skills in Electromagnetics

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Electromagnetic theoretical concepts, which are represented mathematically, are usually challenging to grasp by students. In this study, we explore an interactive technology-based teaching tool to develop further students' mastery of electromagnetic concepts through learning development and visualization of electromagnetic problems. This visualization of the problems will help students analyse, evaluate, and draw conclusions of the impact of electromagnetic-related problems in real-life. The simulation tool in this study is based on a MATLAB® toolbox package, in which partial-differential equations (PDE) solver is the core engine. In this paper, we will also provide a step-by-step guide on the use of such an interactive computer-aided tool so that it can be a great self-guide tool for beginners in the field of physics and a first-level introductory course in electromagnetism. This study will focus mainly on one classical electrostatic problem that is a challenge to students to visualize, analyze and evaluate. Based on students feedback by the end of the course, 80% of students' population are more comfortable with the introduced interactive learning tool.

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