Almonds and brain functionality

M. M. Essa*, S. Subash, S. Parvathy, A. Meera, G. J. Guillemin, M. A. Memon, T. Manivasagam

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Neurodegenerative disorders and cognitive disabilities are currently the major human health issues. Though major therapies are being introduced in this field of medical science, still a complete cure without side effects is yet to be achieved. In this situation, as an alternative solution, considering the health benefits of natural plant sources is gaining importance. Almond nut, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, fiber, tocopherols, and minerals, is a good health supplement albeit being rich energy source. The unique constituents of almonds are highly beneficial for improved brain health. This review discusses the role of almonds in brain development and memory and the potential of this nut in alleviating the risk of many brain illnesses.

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