Allelopathic effects of rice on seedling development in wheat, oat, barley and berseem

M. Farooq*, K. Jabran, H. Rehman, M. Hussain

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We studied the allelopathic potential of different plant parts of rice against wheat, oat, barley and berseem. In Lab bioassay, rice stem extract reduced the germination, energy of germination, seedling length and seedling dry weight of test crops. The number of roots was decreased in all crops except wheat. Roots and leaves extract also inhibited the seedling germination and growth. Nonetheless they also had promotive effects, suggesting the presence of growth promoting allelochemicals. Berseem was the most susceptible. The allelopathic potential of different rice parts followed the order: stems > roots > leaves. Strong seedling length retardation can be major cause of poor crop stand establishment. Our results suggested that rice allelopathy is involved in retarding the germination and growth of succeeding crops.

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