All-to-all broadcasting in torus Network on Chip

Abderezak Touzene*, Khaled Day

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This paper proposes and evaluates the performance of an all-to-all broadcasting algorithm for a 2D torus Network on Chip (NoC). The proposed algorithm uses special spanning trees called NEWS spanning trees. These trees are link conflict free which implies that the communication steps of the all-to-all algorithm are contention free. The proposed all-to-all broadcasting algorithm is optimal in terms of transmission time and does not need any additional buffer memory like in the all-to-all algorithm for the 2D torus (IEEE Trans Comput 50:1029–1032, 2001). Reducing the amount of buffer space is a very important issue in NoC architectures. Our algorithm is therefore a more efficient solution for all-to-all broadcasting in 2D torus NoC multi-core systems compared to previously proposed algorithms.

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