Air quality assessment for the proposed Miller Braeside quarry expansion in Canada: TSP

Sabah A. Abdul-Wahab*, Hedia Fgaier, Ali Elkamel, Keziah Chan

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This study aims to address the potential air quality impact of a proposed expansion of the Miller Braeside quarry in Ontario, Canada. The main focus of this assessment is on the potential impacts of the total suspended particulates (TSP) emissions. The CALPUFF dispersion modeling system was utilized to assess the maximum ground level concentrations of TSP emitted from the proposed quarry site. The emissions for 4 days in the year 2013 were examined, where each day represented a different season. The results of the dispersion models were evaluated against the TSP concentration limits set by the Ontario Ministry of Environment (MOE). All simulated 1-h average TSP concentrations were found to significantly exceed Ontario’s 1-h TSP limit. Similarly, the simulated 24-h average TSP concentrations on the days representing the winter, summer, and autumn seasons were found to be well above Ontario’s 24-h TSP limit. Potential regions nearby the quarry that may be affected by adverse TSP emissions were determined to generally be within the most concentrated region of the TSP plume trajectories. Since the quarry is situated in close proximity to many residential areas, expansion of the Miller Braeside quarry is not recommended as its high TSP concentration levels will pose as a severe hazard to human health.

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