Age and growth of longnose trevally (Carangoides chrysophrys) in the Arabian Sea

I. Al-Rasady*, A. Govender, S. M. Al-Jufaili

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Summary: The ages and growth of longnose trevally (Carangoides chrysophrys), caught in the northwest Arabian Sea between April 2005 and September 2006, were investigated. Age and growth of 336 fish specimens were determined using sectioned sagittae otoliths. Annual opaque growth rings were formed between December and March, with the majority being laid down in February and March, coinciding with the spawning period and high water temperatures. Marginal zone or edge analysis was used to validate the annual deposition of the opaque zone in the otoliths. This species showed large variations in length-at-age, suggesting large growth variations among individuals of the same cohort. The estimated von Bertalanffy growth model differed significantly between the sexes, with males having larger mean lengths at age and reaching a larger asymptotic size. The von Bertalanffy growth models were TL (cm) = 73.34[1-exp (-0.25 (t + 1.21))] and TL(cm) = 73.26[1-exp (-0.24 (t + 1.20))] for males and females, respectively.

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