Rango de identidad académica y su relación con la orientación de meta de logro

Christopher A. Was*, Ibrahim Al-Harthy, Maura Stack-Oden, Randall M. Isaacson

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Introduction: Two constructs that have received a great deal of attention in Educational Psychology research are Achievement Orientation and Identity Status. However, the relationship between these two constructs has not received the attention that the current researcher feel is warranted. The impetus for the current study is the paucity of research in this area. Method: The current study employed a self-report measure of academic identity status founded in Marcia's theory of identity states. A second measure adopted from Elliot's trichotomous framework of goal orientation was used to capture students' achievement goal orientation. Data collected from 407 undergraduate students was submitted to correlational and path analyses to examine the relationship between the two constructs. Results: Results indicated that the specific academic identity status of a student is related to the type of academic goals one adopts. Discussion or Conclusion: The results of our analysis support our hypothesis that a relationship exists between a student's academic identity status and the types of goals a student will adopt. Implications for educators and research are discussed.

العنوان المترجم للمساهمةAcademic identity status and the relationship to achievement goal orientation
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