A simple polyol one-shot synthesis of Maghemite and Hematite from inexpensive precursors

J. Anit, M. G. Praveena, S. Thoufeeq, I. A. Al-Omari, M. R. Anantharaman*

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The two significant phases of iron oxide, namely, Hematite and Maghemite, have attracted the attention of scientists owing to their excellent magnetic and catalytic properties. Herein, we report a novel precursor salt-dependent single-step modified polyol method using the sol–gel auto combustion of metal nitrates or chlorides in ethylene glycol to synthesize magnetic alpha (α) and gamma (γ) Fe2O3. The samples are then characterized to analyze the structural, morphological, electrical and magnetic properties. The XRD results show that the alpha and gamma Fe2O3 exhibit hexagonal and cubic crystal structures, respectively. From the FESEM micrographs, the morphology changes are visible; for alpha Fe2O3 a plate-like structure is seen, whereas the gamma Fe2O3 particles exhibit a spherical morphology. The EDS spectrum indicates that the samples contain no impurity as the spectrum shows strong peaks for Fe and O. The Fe-O bond corresponding to stretching vibration is observed in the FTIR spectrum. The UV–Vis spectrum shows bandgap energy of 2.8 eV and 2.4 eV for alpha Fe2O3 and gamma Fe2O3 respectively. The surface of the prepared nanocomposite contains only Fe and O, which is confirmed from XPS analysis. The soft ferromagnetic behaviour of gamma Fe2O3 and antiferromagnetic behaviour of alpha Fe2O3 is evident from the magnetic measurements. The impedance analysis is also carried out, and the dielectric constant for alpha Fe2O3 is 88, and that of gamma Fe2O3 is 167.

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