A service oriented communication model for high speed intrusion detection systems

Mohsen Rouached*, Hassen Sallay

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The growing need for information sharing among different networks poses a great security challenge. One of the key aspects of this challenge is deploying intrusion detection systems (IDSs) that can operate in heterogeneous and large scale environments. This is particularly difficult because the majority of existing IDSs are not designed to work in a cooperative fashion. The integration becomes more difficult when we should reduce computing and memory costs incurred by the high speed IDSs communication. Service oriented architecture (SOA) is one of the key paradigms that enables the deployment of services at large-scale over the internet domain and its integration with IDSs may open new pathways for novel applications and research. Characteristics such as platform transparency and loose coupling make the web services technology a good choice for IDS integration. In this context, this paper presents a lightweight RESTful communication model for coordinating different entities of a high speed distributed IDS.

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