A semantical framework to engineering WSBPEL processes

Mohsen Rouached*, Walid Fdhila, Claude Godart

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Web services promise the interoperability of various applications running on heterogeneous platforms over the Internet, and are gaining more and more attention. Web service composition refers to the process of combining Web services to provide value-added services, which has received much interest in supporting enterprize application integration. Industry standards for Web Service composition, such as WSBPEL, provide the notation and additional control mechanisms for the execution of business processes in Web service collaborations. However, these standards do not provide support for checking interesting properties related to Web Service and process behavior. In an attempt to fill this gap, we describe a formalization of WSBPEL business processes, that adds communications semantics to the specifications of interacting Web services, and uses a formal logic to model their dynamic behavior, which enables their formal analysis and the inference of relevant properties of the systems being built.

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