A semantic QoS-aware web services composition framework

Mohsen Rouached*, Hassen Sallay

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Composition of web services has received much interest to support business-to-business or enterprise application integration. However, for this composition to be effective, web services should be semantically described and developed tools must enable to select appropriate services based on functional requirements that deal with the desired functionality of the composite service, and non-functional concerns that relate to issues like performance and availability. This presents a challenging task due to the increasing number of available web services with their descriptions remaining in the syntactic level. In this paper, we propose a semantic QoS-aware web services composition framework. This framework considers a two-stage composition process. An abstract composition stage consists in semantically constructing a composition of available services that provides the desired functionality. Then, a concrete composition stage turns the abstract plan into an executable composition by selecting the appropriate web service instances based on QoS parameters..

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