A review of soil-tine models for a range of soil conditions

H. P.W. Jayasuriya, V. M. Salokhe*

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This review paper summarizes various research findings on soil-tine interactions under different test and soil conditions and rearranges them into defined categories in order to evaluate the research trends. Efforts have been made to correlate results observed by different researchers, some of which were without proper raw data given or other supporting information. It is observed that not all the work has been conducted in a systematic manner. Some specific tasks and areas have been covered leaving gaps even at preliminary levels. The study reveals that the best solution might be to have a finite number of arrays of tillage models based on specific conditions of soils, tools and failure modes. Heading toward a unique or a universal model would be an impossible task due to fuzzy conditions of the working environment. It is suggested that computer-aided methods be used to create a supporting database of model parameters in order to utilize them for any specific condition or design purposes.

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