A quantitative performance measurement regarding reconfigurable manufacturing systems

Ibrahim H. Garbie

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The reconfiguration process is used for manufacturing system to improve the system's performance due to new circumstances. The new circumstance means changing in the marketing demand, changing in a product design, and/or introducing a new product. Reconfigurable manufacturing system (RMS) has potential quantitative and qualitative measures. As manufacturing firms (companies) has a great impact on the performance of a manufacturing system, the selection of the objectives to measure the performance will be achieved appropriately. These objectives have the critical requirements for a RMS and they are: cost, response, system productivity, people behavior, inventory, and quality. Since each criterion measure in a RMS is a potential source of evaluation, it should be considered as a relative weight as the others. First, it will be measured individually. Second, these measures need to be evaluated through an aggregate quantitative metric because there is a lack of analytical techniques to analyze and evaluate both qualitative and quantitative measures. A new quantitative metric for evaluation the RMS regarding updating (upgrading) the system for next period based on the previous one is presented in this paper to measure the reconfiguration methodology [1]. The new metric will be demonstrated through a numerical example.

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OtherIIE Annual Conference and Expo 2008
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