A Novel Solution for Day-Ahead Scheduling Problems Using the IoT-Based Bald Eagle Search Optimization Algorithm

Bilal Naji Alhasnawi, Basil H. Jasim, Pierluigi Siano*, Hassan Haes Alhelou*, Amer Al-Hinai

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Advances in technology and population growth are two factors responsible for increasing electricity consumption, which directly increases the production of electrical energy. Additionally, due to environmental, technical and economic constraints, it is challenging to meet demand at certain hours, such as peak hours. Therefore, it is necessary to manage network consumption to modify the peak load and tackle power system constraints. One way to achieve this goal is to use a demand response program. The home energy management system (HEMS), based on advanced internet of things (IoT) technology, has attracted the special attention of engineers in the smart grid (SG) field and has the tasks of demand-side management (DSM) and helping to control equality between demand and electricity supply. The main performance of the HEMS is based on the optimal scheduling of home appliances because it manages power consumption by automatically controlling loads and transferring them from peak hours to off-peak hours. This paper presents a multi-objective version of a newly introduced metaheuristic called the bald eagle search optimization algorithm (BESOA) to discover the optimal scheduling of home appliances. Furthermore, the HEMS architecture is programmed based on MATLAB and ThingSpeak modules. The HEMS uses the BESOA algorithm to find the optimal schedule pattern to reduce daily electricity costs, reduce the PAR, and increase user comfort. The results show the suggested system’s ability to obtain optimal home energy management, decreasing the energy cost, microgrid emission cost, and PAR (peak to average ratio).

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