A new super-efficiency model in the presence of both zero data and undesirable outputs

M. Tavassoli, R. Farzipoor Saen*, G. R. Faramarzi

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In 2013, Guo and Wu ("A complete ranking of DMUs with undesirable outputs using restrictions in DEA models", Mathematical and Computer Modeling, Vol. 58, Nos. 5-6, pp. 1102-1109) proposed a model for ranking Decision Making Units (DMUs) in the presence of undesirable outputs. In this paper, we show that their model can be infeasible when some of the input data are zero. We also extend the super-efficiency model proposed by Lee and Zhu in 2012 ("Super-efficiency infeasibility and zero data in DEA", European Journal of Operational Research, Vol. 216, No. 2, pp. 429-433) in the presence of undesirable output. Our proposed model is feasible when input and/or output data are nonnegative. A numerical example addresses the applicability of the proposed model.

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