A new route discovery algorithm for MANETs with chase packets

Mznah A. Al-Rodhaan, Lewis Mackenzie, Mohamed Ould-Khaoua

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We introduce a new dual-tier route discovery algorithm for MANETs. The new algorithm uses chase packets to stop the fulfilled route requests in on-demand routing protocols. The algorithm works by including the most likely destinations for a given source node in a local neighbourhood and broadcast route requests with full speed within this region. However, outside such neighbourhood the route request has a very high chance of being fulfilled, so propagation of route requests in this region is deliberately delayed to provide the chase packets the opportunity to catch the route request and minimise network congestion without affecting the discovery process. The algorithm is adaptive and continuously updates the boundary of each source node’s neighbourhood to optimize performance. Furthermore, we provide a detailed performance evaluation using mathematical and simulation modelling and compare our algorithm with existing algorithms, to demonstrate that it does indeed improve the average route request time required.

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