A Comparative Study to Determine the Quality of Glaze Colorants Used in Ceramic Art Education: Zhong Guan Ceramic vs. Pottery Crafts Pigments

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The issue of developing glazes in the ceramics industry, as well as in art schools, has received considerable critical attention. The past fifteen years have seen increasingly rapid advances in the field of ceramic glazing among artists and craftspeople in Oman. The importance of creativity in making special glazes to decorate ceramics has become an important aspect within the ceramic art community. A primary concern in making glaze recipes in ceramics labs at schools and universities is the differences between commercial materials, such as artificial pigments, and their percentages in each recipe. The main aim of this study is to investigate the differences between Zhong Guan Ceramic (Z.G.C) and Pottery Crafts (PC) pigments to help students and craftspeople to detect the quality of these types of stains for their ceramic artwork.
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دوريةInternational Journal of Humanities and Social Science (SSRG
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