A case of web-based inquiry learning model using learning objects

A. Al Musawi*, A. Asan, A. Abdelraheem, M. Osman

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This research seeks to (1) implement a model for an inquiry based learning environment using learning objects (LOs), and (2) apply the model to examine its impact on students' learning. This research showed that a welldesigned learning environment can enhance students learning experiences. The proposed model was applied to an undergraduate course offered by the Faculty of Education, Sultan Qaboos University, in 2009. Results indicate that the implementation of the web-based inquiry-learning model was successful and adequate to the learning setting. This model of learning helped most students to manage the tools and techniques used during the course; freedom on the construction of presentations allowed students to explore creatively the subject domain; independent learning together with presentations contributed to preserve the uniqueness and value of each student's production. Finally, the open educational resources used as support were of fundamental importance.

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