A case of Situs Inversus Totalis: Embryological and clinical considerations

Mohamed Swarhib*, Srijit Das, Ohnmar Htwe

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Introduction: Situs Inversus is a congenital anomaly characterized by the transposition of the thoracic and abdominal viscera. When associated with dextrocardia, it is termed as Situs Inversus Totalis. The anomaly results from mechanical disturbance during the rotation of the gut during its development. The anomaly is rare and can pose a diagnostic dilemma if associated with chest pain. Objective: To highlight the diagnostic dilemma in a patient with Situs Inversus Totalis. Method: Clinical report and literature review. Result: We hereby report a case of situs inversus totalis in 50-year-old man who presented with the complaint of chest pain. Although situs inversus is a rare condition, the attending physician should pay proper attention to the patients who present with chest pain whether it is right or left sided. Conclusion: Many cases remain undetected due to the lack of symptoms. The present case illustrates the embryological and clinical aspect of a case of situs inversus totalis.

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