6G technology and taxonomy of attacks on blockchain technology

Firdous Kausar, Fahad M. Senan, Hafiz M. Asif*, Kaamran Raahemifar

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Blockchain technology is now being used in every aspect of human life. It appears like everyone is racing to develop apps that run on top of the blockchain technology available today. Indeed, this is owing to the fact that it has distinct qualities and a distinctive design. However, it is not well suited to all applications of blockchain technology. Not merely altering the blockchain protocols would make it suitable, but instead redesigning its architecture is required to make it ideal for different applications. This paper describes the overview of blockchain technology thoroughly. It provides a detailed discussion on the prevalent core-oriented and client-oriented attacks on blockchain technology and the vulnerabilities exploited by them. It also presents the possible countermeasure to these attacks. Moreover, it provides insight into the creation of a better version of the blockchain that is more suitable for different types of blockchain applications.

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