Talal Etri*, Ahmed F. Abugdera, Abdelrahman Elata

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This paper presents the hydrodynamics on the western coast of Libya. The investigated area, which is a part of the Mediterranean Sea, is one of the most critical and active coastal regions in the country. A 2DH process-based model for flow based on the Delft3D modelling system from Deltares is constructed for the study area. Extensive field data concerning the tidal constituents were used. The flow model that is necessary to understand the hydrodynamics of the area was calibrated and validated using field measurements. In this paper, only the water levels and tidal components for the astronomical tide are presented. Calibration and validation of the numerical flow model show that the results of the water level represent the field conditions well. The present study gives insight into the basic hydrodynamic processes of the investigated area. It should help designers and the decision-makers maintain the region for any other economic and social activities. The flow model for the investigated area can be also coupled with any other models like wave, sediment transport, morphodynamic and water quality.

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  • And process-based model
  • Astronomical tide
  • Hydrodynamics
  • Western coast libya

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