Zero-Emission Hydrogen Production Using Both Natural Gas and Geothermal Energy in Oman

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In response to Oman’s initiative of hydrogen economy, this project aims to develop and evaluate a Zero Emission Hydrogen Production (ZEHP) system to produce industry-scale hydrogen with zero CO2 emissions powered by Oman’s abundant natural gas and renewable geothermal resources. In the 1st CO2 sequestration stage, CO2 generated by SMR is injected into a deep geothermal reservoir (> 1000 m). When sufficient CO2 plume in the geologic formation is formed and heated, geothermal power plant starts to operate by circulating
CO2 as the working fluid, and to supply electricity to the water electrolyzer to produce green H2. In this 2nd circulation stage, SMR is downscaled to provide complementary CO2 to offset the amount of produced brine. In the past decade, CO2-circulated geothermal plant has been studied extensively and demonstrated more efficient than traditional brine-circulated geothermal system.

Layman's description

CO2 generated from a hydrocarbon source is to be injected into deep geothermal reservoir. This CO2 will then be produced from the geothermal reservoir with higher temperature to be used for water electrolysis to produce hydrogen.
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