International Mobility and Pre-professional Training in Education funded by INSPÉ of Lorraine; ED 78; SDL department of the University of Lorraine; ATILF

  • Choubsaz, Yazdan (PI)
  • Behra, Séverine (PI)
  • Macaire, Dominique (PI)
  • Ciekanski, Maud (PI)
  • Nassau, Guillaume (PI)
  • de Beaufort, Lorraine (PI)

المشروع: Research project

تفاصيل المشروع


The MIFPE research project intends to study incoming international mobility in the pre-professional training of future Asian teachers whose objective is not to master the language of the host country. Beyond their journey towards the targeted professional skills, their experience and reflexivity on mediations in multifaceted space-times subject to variations are called upon. The study backed by the research-training sessions also intends to highlight and question the representations and emotions named by direct and indirect means. We seek to identify (what) causes them and what their characteristics are and what they are associated with. The construction of a pre-professional transcultural competence at work can thus be observed step by step.
تاريخ البدء/النهاية الساري١٠/٣١/١٩٩/٣٠/٢١


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