Engineering of Novel Multifunctional Carbon-based Nanostructures for CO2 Conversion to Usable Chemicals

المشروع: Research project

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Herein we will develop a novel class of multifunctional nanoctalysts (MFCs) composed of nanoporous carbon-based nanostructures supported metals/oxides at the atomic level for CO2 reduction or conversion (CO2R). The proposed catalyst couple between unique physicochemical merits of carbon materials, unique properties of atomic dopants, and porous nanostructures.

The CO2R will be carried out thermally and electrochemically to investigate their feasibility for practical utilization. The CO2R selectivity will be tuned by changing the metal atoms inside MFCs catalyst.

This proposal may pave the way for the rational design of efficient and selective carbon-based catalysts for CO2R

Layman's description

CO2 catalytic conversion to valuable chemicals
عنوان قصيرCO2 Conversion
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