Design and Development of Ultrasonically Assisted Bone Surgical Tools for Minimal Invasive Surgeries

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Cutting bones with traditional (conventional) tools such as electric saws, manual chisels, gouges, burrs, and high-speed drills are notorious for their deficiencies, including lack of cutting precision, large cutting force, inducing elevated temperatures in the cut site, fracture in the bone, and high risk of trauma to surrounding tissues. These conditions may seriously affect osseointegration leading to delay in healing. Intraoperative and postoperative complications caused by such detrimental tools result in a tremendous burden on healthcare systems. The stress of patients and the financial burden on hospitals can be reduced by intervening the bone with innocuous cutting tools. One of the novel surgical techniques, known as ultrasonic cutting, has recently been introduced as a feasible alternative to conventional tools for minimally invasive surgery due to high precision, safety, and efficiency. Experimental tests using ultrasonic tools have demonstrated lower cutting energy, lower temperature, minimizing the loss of viable bone, intra-operative bleeding, and minimal biological damage. A unique feature of using ultrasonic tools in bone cutting is that it does not provoke any visible injury to the adjacent soft tissues and the most critical structures such as nerves, vessels, and mucosa, from the generated micro-movement during osteotomy. Combined efforts are required from specialists in mechanics of materials, control systems, health sciences, and manufacturers of bone surgical tools to achieve this multidisciplinary project's aim. The mechanics of bone-tool interaction in ultrasonic cutting will be studied using experiments, numerical models, and testing prototypes. The project will be based on exchanging fundamental knowledge and technical concepts through collaboration and partnership of research and innovation staff via a local and international collaboration of academia, hospitals, and surgical Industry.
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