An open‐label extension study to evaluate the long‐term safety, tolerability and efficacy of Marstacimab prophylaxis in severe (coagulation factor activity <1%) hemophilia A participants with or without inhibitors or moderately severe to severe hemophilia B participants (coagulation factor Activity ≤2%) with or without inhibitors

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Use of Anti TFPI to prevent bleeding in Hemophilia. Multi center study.
All participants are provided the Prefilled
Pen (PFP) for administration of Marstacimab in the study. Use of the Prefilled
Syringe (PFS) will be permitted at the investigator’s discretion for those
participants who have difficulty with administration of the PFP.
Study duration ‐ Each study participant may continue in this study for up to 7
years following entry into the study or until Marstacimab is commercially
available within their respective country, whichever occurs first.

Layman's description

Prevention of bleeding in hemophilia

Key findings

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