Critical factors influencing instructors' acceptance and use of learning management systems

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Learning management systems (LMS) enable educational institutions to manage their educational resources, support their distance education, and supplement their traditional way of teaching. Although LMS survive via instructors' and students' use, the adoption of LMS is initiated by instructors' acceptance and use. Consequently, this study examined the impacts of instructors' individual characteristics, LMS' characteristics, and organization's characteristics on instructors' acceptance and use of LMS as a supplementary tool and, consequently, on their continuous use intention and their pure use intention for distance education. The findings indicated that, first, instructors' supplementary use of LMS is determined by perceived usefulness, training, management support, perceived ease of use, information quality, and computer anxiety. Second, instructors' perceived usefulness of LMS is determined by system quality, perceived ease of use, and incentives policy. Third, instructors' perceived ease of use is determined by computer anxiety, technology experience, training, system quality, and service quality. Furthermore, instructors' continuous supplementary use intention is determined by their current supplementary use, perceived usefulness, and perceived ease of use, while instructors' pure use intention is determined only by their perceived usefulness of LMS.

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