Empirical Development of Rating Scales to Assess FPE Students? Writing

  • Y Medvedev, Gennad (PI)

Project: Internal Grants (IG)

Project Details


The aim of this project is to empirically develop new rating scales. These will be andlsquo;home made , based on the FPE learning outcomes. They will be tailored to FPE, and therefore the LC, needs. The would-be clear descriptors, the prospective accurate language and the potential discernible levels will leave no need for raters to call on much of their background, experience and personal preferences to interpret the rating criteria. Instead, only the criteria will be used along with anchor papers representing defined performance levels to make decisions while assessing students compositions. The sought outcome will hopefully be a less personalized and more institutionalized objective assessment of our students writing performance.
Effective start/end date1/1/1312/31/14


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