Web services adaptivity approach based on a multi level vision of the learning process

Mohamed Ben Ali, Yassine Jamoussi, Henda Ben Ghezala

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Web services correspond to a new technology contributing in the evolution of many fields and becoming the pillar of new software architectures. The e-Learning, which corresponds to a new learning modality intending to provide knowledge to everyone and everywhere, has recently focused his interests on this emerging technology as the new generation of e-Learning platforms is expected to be based on web services. Nowadays, web services provide various functionalities, but they don't care about user's characteristics and expectations leading in a considerable lack in the consideration of the web service adaptivity concept. This paper presents a new approach of web services adaptivity in the e-Learning context based on a multi level vision of the learning process. In fact, our work establishes an intentional user model which takes into consideration the variability of pedagogical paths throw more consideration of learning strategies defined by tutors and learner's intentions. The map Meta model was chosen for representing this user model. This work provides also the concept of mutant web service which represents a web service with important decisional and perception faculties. This web service intends in one side to conduct the learner in the learning process by satisfying his intentions and following tutors instructions. In the other side, this web service realizes learner intentions by an appropriate orchestration of available web services in the e-Learning platforms.

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حالة النشرPublished - 2007
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الحدث2nd International Conference on e-Learning, ICEL 2007 - New York, United States
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الاسمProceedings of the International Conference on e-Learning, ICEL
مستوى الصوت2007-January
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Other2nd International Conference on e-Learning, ICEL 2007
الدولة/الإقليمUnited States
المدينةNew York

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