The impact of an augmented reality system in teaching machine dynamic course for engineering students

Ali Almusawi, Adhraa Al Resheidi, Maisaa Al Jadeedi, Adbulrahman Alsaadi, Halima Al Riyami

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This paper summarizes one-year research project funded by the College of Education at Sultan Qaboos University. The study aims to investigate the impact of using augmented reality system as a tool to enhance students’ motivation and understanding in Machine Dynamics course and compare this new approach with traditional learning approaches. The experimental design to be used for this study for 30 students from college of engineering at Sultan Qaboos University. Students will be randomly assigned to two groups (15 students each): experimental and control group. Both groups to be taught one chapter from Machine Dynamics Course during four weeks by the same teacher. The experimental group to use the Aurasma application, so students in this group are allowed only to use iPads. On the other hand, the students in the control group are going to study the same chapter using the traditional method. Students’ understanding and motivation towards the augmented reality system (Aurasma) to be measured by using observation method. More specifically, times of students’ access to the augmented reality application on iPad or textbook to study and get information are to be calculated. Students’ performance or understanding of the materials to be measured on weekly basis using achievement tests.

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