Static and Eigenvalue Analysis of Electrostatically Coupled and Tunable Shallow Micro-Arches for Sensing-Based Applications

Hassen M. Ouakad*, Ayman M. Alneamy

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This paper investigated the mechanical performance of an electrostatically tunable microbeams-based resonators. The resonator was designed based on two initially-curved microbeams that are electrostatically coupled, offering the potential for improved performance compared to single-beam based resonators. Analytical models and simulation tools were developed to optimize the resonator design dimensions and to predict its performance, including its fundamental frequency and motional characteristics. The results show that the electrostatically-coupled resonator exhibits multiple nonlinear phenomena including mode veering and snap-through motion. A coexistence of two stable branches of solutions for a straight beam case was even obtained due to the direct effect of the coupling electrostatic force with the other curved beam. Indeed, the results are promising for the better performance of coupled resonators compared to single-beam resonators and offer a platform for future MEMS applications including mode-localized based micro-sensors.

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