Standards for CPS

Saqib Ali*, Taiseera Al Balushi, Zia Nadir, Omar Khadeer Hussain

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Cyber-physical system (CPS) has emerged as an enhancement to the existing generation of wireless sensor networks and embedded systems. The rapid growth in the applications of this platform calls for standardized guidelines that would ensure seamless operation and inter-compatibility between various components deployed in this environment. The components integrated within the CPS include sensing, computation, communication, and controlling units. Several institutes and organizations across the globe have attempted to address this concern by presenting a set of rules in the form of standards. In this chapter, standards are defined in general and why we need standards in the domain of CPSs is discussed in specific. Embedded systems in CPS will be presented as well as with cybersecurity standards, the available standards concerning CPS with other components will also be studied and analyzed.

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