Sizing of a Hybrid Energy System for Al Mazyouna Area

Abdulmajeed Al Wahaibi, Abdullah Al Badi

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Natural gas and diesel currently are the main fuel for electrical power generation in Oman. Decreasing the dependence on national gas and diesel is one of the main goals for Oman’s vision of 2040. This paper discusses the optimum design of a hybrid stand-alone power generation system for the power station of Al-Mazyouna located west of Dhofar governorate using HOMER Pro Software. Real load data and solar radiation of Al-Mazyouna were utilized in the modelling approach. Different scenarios of power systems were investigated, using mainly, diesel generators, PV solar panels, and storage batteries to reach an optimal solution. The main factors that were considered to decide the wining setup of a power system are the net present cost, cost of energy and the amount of emissions. The optimum scenario resulted in a net present cost of $84.8 M and a cost of energy of $0.161/kWh compared to a net present cost of $99.4M and a cost of energy of $0.188/kWh for the current system. Additionally, the optimum scenario system limits toxic emissions significantly compared to the base system. The results of the winning scenario showed that the emitted quantities of harmful gases are all reduced by about 28% compared to the base system.

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