Sherief, Youssef (2019): The tide and its role in influencing coast line changes, Ras Al-Sawadi and Al-Seefa, Oman, A study in applied Geomorphology, the 42nd Annual Applied Geography Conference, University of North Carolina at Charlotte from 23 to 25 Oct. AGC

Youssef Sherief

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Al Seefa is a coastal area, eastern Muscat - Sultanate of Oman. The area is characterized by narrow sandy beaches formed over thousand years due to the deposits of short valleys flowing into Oman Sea. The study area is considered an
important tourist area, but its coast is currently being relegated to erosion. Remote sensing and Fieldwork investigations revealed severe erosion taking place shoreline and the side parallel to the tarred road northern the study area. This study aimed to identify the coastline change during the last 25 years using
TM, QuickBird and DEM images. The methodology depends mostly change detection tool using remote sensing (RS) to determine the change of the coastline in
Al- Seefa area and spatial analysis tools to analyze and calculate the changes using
Geographical information systems (GIS).
The results showed 14 meters of shoreline retreat and recorded 50 meter retreat in another area northern in the study area. It could be said that coastal erosion in the
Al Seefa area related to the action and direction of waves, kind, and thick of deposits, surface slopes, and human activities furthermore sea level rise. However, the study
recommend to make protection for the northern sector of shoreline and protect all shorelines of the Al Seefa area from an expected sea level rise in the future.
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