Poliomyelitis in Oman. I. The last outbreak?

Said H.S. Al-Dhahry*, Roshan L. Koul, Suleman M. Al-Busaidy, Salah T. Al-Awaidy, Saleh M.S. Al-Khusaiby, Ali J.M. Suleman

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Since 1988, the Sultanate of Oman has experienced three outbreaks of paralytic poliomyelitis. The last outbreak occurred in December 1993 and involved two children aged 10 months and 4 1/2 years. The children had received five and four doses, respectively, of trivalent oral polio vaccine (OPV) and lived in the same village. Serum neutralizing antibody tests suggested that paralytic polio in these children was due to poor antibody response to OPV. Wild poliovirus type 1 was isolated from both patients, as well as from seven of ten close contacts of the older child, and one of eight contacts of the younger child. All contacts had received three to six doses of OPV. Genomic sequence studies indicated that the virus isolates belonged to a genotypic group prevalent in southern and western Asia, but differed markedly from virus isolated during the 1988/89 outbreak, suggesting another importation of poliovirus. In response to the outbreak, supplementary immunization with OPV was given to children <6 years of age, initially in the affected district, and subsequently to children in the whole country. This study demonstrates that immunization with three to six doses of OPV did not prevent infection with wild poliovirus. In those children with sub-optimal response to OPV, infection resulted in paralytic poliomyelitis. The outbreak remained localized in one village, indicating that the outbreak control measures were effective.

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