Optimization of Large-Scale Frame Structures Using Fuzzy Adaptive Quantum Inspired Charged System Search

Siamak Talatahari, Mahdi Azizi*, Mehdi Toloo, Milad Baghalzadeh Shishehgarkhaneh

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In this paper, a metaheuristic-based design approach is developed in which the structural design optimization of large-scale steel frame structures is concerned. Although academics have introduced form-dominant methods, yet using artificial intelligence in structural design is one of the most critical challenges in recent years. However, the Charged System Search (CSS) is utilized as the primary optimization approach, which is improved by using the main principles of quantum mechanics and fuzzy logic systems. In the proposed Fuzzy Adaptive Quantum Inspired CSS algorithm, the position updating procedure of the standard algorithm is developed by implementing the center of potential energy presented in quantum mechanics into the general formulation of CSS to enhance the convergence capability of the algorithm. Simultaneously, a fuzzy logic-based parameter tuning process is also conducted to enhance the exploitation and exploration rates of the standard optimization algorithm. Two 10 and 60 story steel frame structures with 1026 and 8272 structural members, respectively, are utilized as design examples to determine the performance of the developed algorithm in dealing with complex optimization problems. The overall capability of the presented approach is compared with the Charged System Search and other metaheuristic optimization algorithms. The proposed enhanced algorithm can prepare better results than the other metaheuristics by considering the achieved results.

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