Nutrient intake, digestibility, growth performance, and carcass of sheep fed urea-based diet supplemented with natural clinoptilolite

Sobhy M.A. Sallam, Hassan M. Abo-Zeid, Mohamed A. Abaza, Hani M. El-Zaiat

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Forty-five male Barki lambs (30.62 ± 4.54 kg BW) were allocated into three treatments designed to evaluate the effect of replacing soybean meal nitrogen with urea supplemented with natural clinoptilolite on performance and carcass characteristics. Lambs were randomly assigned to nine pens blocked according to age and initial BW into three blocks of three pens each assigned to one of three treatments: Control diet: animals received only a basal diet ad libitum, UR diet: urea replaced 68% of SBM nitrogen in the control diet or UR-Z diet: UR diet supplemented with 20-g zeolite for 141 days. Lambs fed on UR-Z diet increased (p < 0.05) total intakes of DM, crude protein digestibility, ADG, FCR, blood glucose and cholesterol concentration. Lambs fed on UR-Z diet decreased (p < 0.05) ruminal NH 3 -N concentration compared to the UR diet. Carcasses from lambs fed on UR diet had greater (p < 0.05) ether extract content, fat thickness, meat yellowness and saturation attributes than those fed on UR-Z and control diets. Sheep fed on UR-Z diet made higher economic profit than UR and control diets. Partial replacement of soybean meal with urea supplemented with zeolite seemed to be economically efficient, with comparable performance and carcass attributes in growing lambs diet.

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