Multiclass optical orthogonal codes for multiservice optical CDMA networks

Naser G. Tarhuni*, Timo O. Korhonen, Edward Mutafungwa, Mohammed S. Elmusrati

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Optical code division multiple access (CDMA)-based networks are an interesting alternative to support various traffic types of multimedia applications with highly variable performance targets. Generally, multilength codes are designed to support multirate services, while the multi weight codes are designed to support differentiated quality of service (QoS) for multimedia applications. However, existing optical orthogonal codes (OOCs) are limited to single class or multiclass with restricted weight and length properties. Therefore, there exists a lack of flexibility in the existing OOCs to support arbitrary rate and QoS. This paper presents a proposal of generation procedure and performance analysis of joint multiweight multilength strict OOCs. The approach used in this paper is to apply a methodology strongly relying on developed analytical theory that is supported by computer optimization, because it has turned out that it is mathematically intractable to construct unconstraint joint multilength multiweight OOCs using pure algebraic techniques. The generated code set fulfills the conditions of strictly OOCs, namely, the maximum nonzero shift autocorrelation and the maximum cross correlation constraints of one. The mark position difference (MPD) approach is used to generate in a flexible way the multiclass code set. The MPD results in the simple evaluation of multiclass code set cardinality. Furthermore, the multiple-access interference (MAI) in a multiclass OOC system is evaluated by modeling the interference per class as a Poisson distribution to simplify performance evaluation with acceptable accuracy.

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