Machining performance study on Metal Matrix Composites-A response surface methodology approach

A. Srinivasan*, R. M. Arunachalam, S. Ramesh, J. S. Senthilkumaar

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Problem statement: Metal Matrix Composites (MMC) have become a leading material among composite materials and in particular, particle reinforced aluminum MMCs have received considerable attention due to their excellent engineering properties. These materials are known as the difficult-to-machine materials because of the hardness and abrasive nature of reinforcement elementlike Alumina (Al2O3). Approach: In this study, an attempt has been made to model the machinability evaluation through the response surface methodology in machining of homogenized 10% micron Al2O3 LM25 Al MMC manufactured through stir casting method. Results: The combined effects of three machining parameters including cutting speed (s), feed rate (f) and depth of cut (d) on the basis of three performance characteristics of tool wear (VB), surface Roughness (Ra) and cutting Force (Fz) were investigated. The contour plots were generated to study the effect of process parameters as well as their interactions. Conclusion: The process parameters are optimized using desirability-based approach response surface methodology.

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