Information fusion in recognition of Saudi Arabia license plates

Hamdan Al-Harbi, Rami Al-Hmouz

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The license plate recognition (LPR) system in Saudi Arabia is a system used to identify vehicle license plates automatically. It is used in many places such as airports, highways, and parking lots. The efficiency of the system depends on the image quality, weather conditions, location of plates, and the variations of license plates. The license plates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are different from other license plates in other countries because they are written in both Arabic and English languages. This could be exploited to integrate the recognition results from both languages in a way to increase the efficiency of the system and reduce the errors that could affect the recognition of license plates. Instead of one LPR system, we have two independent LPR systems, and the results of both systems could be fused to increase the system's ability of reading cars’ plates.

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حالة النشرPublished - 2020

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