Global survey of transfusion medicine curricula in medical schools: Challenges and opportunities: Challenges and opportunities

The Education Subcommittee of the AABB Global Transfusion Forum

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Background: Physicianʼs knowledge in transfusion medicine (TM) is critical for patient safety. Therefore, ensuring that medical schools provide adequate education in TM is important. The aim of this study was to assess the status of TM education at a global level. Study Design and Methods: A comprehensive anonymous survey to assess TM education in existing medical school curricula was developed. The survey was distributed to deans and educational leads of medical schools in a range of low-, medium-, high-, and very high–human development index (HDI) countries. It included 20 questions designed to assess specific domains including structure of TM curriculum and teaching faculty. Results: The response rate was 53%. The majority of responding schools from very-high–HDI countries offered a 6-year curriculum after high school or a 4-year curriculum after college education, whereas most schools from medium-HDI countries offered a 5-year medical curriculum. A formal teaching program was available in only 42% of these schools in contrast to 94% of medical schools from very high-HDI. Overall, 25% of all medical schools did not offer structured TM teaching. When offered, most TM teaching was mandatory (95%) and integrated within the third and fourth year of medical school. Formal assessment of TM knowledge was done in 72% of all responding medical schools. More than half of the deans considered the TM education in their medical schools as inadequate. Conclusion: Despite its limitations, the current survey highlights significant gaps and opportunities of TM education at a global scale.
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