Endophthalmitis in Oman: A descriptive retrospective multi-center study

Mohamed Al-Abri*, Ahmed Al-Hinai, Youssef Al Hamar, Hisham Al-Abri, Asaad Al Habsi, Abdullah Al-Kaabi, Chandrashekar Nooyi

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PURPOSE: The aim of this study is to report the anatomical and functional outcome, microbiology profile and treatment used for endophthalmitis in Oman. DESIGN: The study design involves retrospective descriptive multicenter study. METHODS: Demographic and clinical data of patients diagnosed with endophthalmitis over a period of 9 years were collected in three tertiary hospitals in Oman. RESULTS: A total of 50 endophthalmitis cases were included in the study. Exogenous endophthalmitis was diagnosed in 48 cases, whereas 2 cases were endogenous endophthalmitis. Culture-positive cases constituted 16 cases (32%) out of these, 12 cases were Gram-positive, 3 cases were Gram-negative and one case had a positive fungal culture. Immediate first-line treatment was vitreous tap and inject in 33 eyes and vitrectomy in 13 eyes. In 45 eyes in which the visual acuity (VA) was recorded; VA after treatment improved in 22 eyes (49%), remained the same in 16 eyes (36%) and worsened in 7 eyes (16%). CONCLUSION: Although endophthalmitis is rare, it is a devastating ocular emergency. Early diagnosis and prompt intervention are crucial in management. Awareness among the patients undergoing intraocular surgeries about this rare condition is very crucial. Moreover, frontline health-care providers must be aware and critical if they encounter patients with suspicion of endophthalmitis as early recognition, prompt referral, and timely treatment are the key for better visual prognosis. Finally, establishing a National Endophthalmitis Registry is recommended as it will help analyze the incidence, treatment instituted and the outcome of this condition across Oman.

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