Decarbonize Russia — A Best–Worst Method approach for assessing the renewable energy potentials, opportunities and challenges

Ephraim Bonah Agyekum, Nallapaneni Manoj Kumar, Usman Mehmood, Manoj Kumar Panjwani, Hassan Haes Alhelou*, Tomiwa Sunday Adebayo, Amer Al-Hinai

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Russia is known to be a country with enormous energy resources both renewables and non-renewables. Much of the country's effort towards energy generation has been on the development of the non-renewables over the years. This study examined the opportunities and challenges in Russia's Renewable energy (RE) sector. By coupling both interviews and literature reviews, a total of 8 main opportunities and 7 key challenges were identified and discussed. The Best–Worst-Method was used to assign weights to the various factors using inputs of 30 experienced experts in Russia's RE sector. According to the obtained results, the most significant opportunity that the country would have to take advantage of is the opportunity to export RE outside the shores of the country, it recorded 27.7 percent. This is followed by the country's target for the RE sector which scored 18%, hydrogen production and need to meet local energy requirements followed with 12% each. The greatest challenge which also serve as a hindrance to the development of RE in the country is the low attention given to clean technologies from government, it recorded a weight of 31.4%. This is followed by unequal playing field, and strict local content requirements which recorded 17.9% and 13.5%, respectively. The study ended with some strategic recommendations to authorities for the development of the sector.

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